"Set In Motion"

"Set In Motion"

(1986, 3:55 min) Music: Donald Fagen
Screenings: Whitney Biennial, Annecy Animation Festival, New York & USA Film Festivals, PBS’s “Alive From Off Center.”

The camera breathlessly traverses landscapes and whirls into abstraction, all the while eye-ing fanciful foreground objects of domestic life doing their own dizzy dervish choreography, until the hand of the artist reveals the true scale. Just out of camera view are Aaron’s hand-made rigs that guide the dynamic movement.

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"Set In Motion"

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  • "Set in Motion"

    (1986, 4 min) Music: Donald Fagen
    Awards: Hiroshima Animation Festival, Marin County Film Festival.
    Screenings: Museum of Modern Art, Hirshhorn Museum, Zagreb Animation Festival, Telluride and New York Film Festivals, Showtime, HBO, WNET, Danish TV, Canal +.

    Filmed in Aaron’s home studio on...